Portable Air Compressor


Portable Air Compressor

TUXING DC 12V Wire Spool Diving Air Compressor
air pump for diving
hpa paintball compressor
hpa tank compressor
hpa compressor 4500 psi
air cylinder diving
300 bar breathing air compressor

TUXING DC 12V Wire Spool Diving Air Compressor

TUXING 12V 110V/220V Wire Spool Auto Stop Air Compressor

Makes the fan automatically start when the compressor is powered,which avoids for getting to turn on the cooling fan,resulting in high-temperature damage to the motor. Save your precious compressor.This product is very convenient, lightweight and easy to carry, and can work through the car's electricity generation.

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Product Description

This product is versatile and easy to operate. Whether it is entertainment, study or office, can easily cope with. At the same time, the product design is user-friendly, very easy to use, even the first contact can quickly get started. It is worth mentioning that the product also has good stability and durability, and can maintain good condition during long-term use.

compressor for scuba tanks

electric diving air compressor

Simple switch design can improve the convenience of user operation and user experience. Through careful design, the switch can be made more beautiful and generous in appearance, and more practical and reliable in function. In addition, the simple switch design can also reduce manufacturing costs, and reduce the difficulty of maintenance and repair, thus bringing more convenience and comfort to users.

TUXING Compressor

There are many versions of this product, including versions in different colors, sizes and features. Whether it is a basic model suitable for daily use, or a special style designed for outdoor sports, it can meet the various needs of consumers. At the same time, there are many accessories available in the market, such as protective shells, gas cylinders, etc., to make the product more personalized and practical. In short, this product is very rich and diverse in design and can meet the needs of different groups of people.

12v pcp air compressor

Such products not only strive for excellence in material selection, but also carefully designed and developed in process technology to ensure product durability, safety and environmental protection. At the same time, high-quality products also pay attention to user experience, and strive to achieve the best level in appearance design, functional practicality, etc., to provide consumers with a better feeling of use.

air compressor diving


The compressor has a buiit-in power transfomar, which is more convenlent to use and camry.The integraied compressor can be directly connected to household power supply

tuxing pcp compressor

Directly Powered by 12V Car Battery


Fill Your Air Tank Anywhere

scuba bottle compressor


Just Clip the Clamps Super Easy to Connect

Air compressor Easy to Connect

Portable Design Easy to Carry This product can be used in many situations

This air pump has a wide range of use in practical applications, it can not only cover many fields and scenarios, but also play its unique role in a diverse application environment. Whether it is industrial production, automobile maintenance, or household daily use, this air pump can meet the needs of compressed air in various occasions with its stable and reliable performance. The universality of its applicability makes its importance and practicality in various fields of today's life cannot be ignored.

tuxing 4500 psi compressor

TUXING Company profile

TUXING Company

The certification qualifications held by this company include but are not limited to a number of authoritative certifications such as CE certification.

TUXING compressor

In its glorious export history, TUXING has successfully exported its products to many countries and regions. Its product line covers the world, covering many countries on five continents, whether it is the prosperous markets in the East or the developed economies in the West, you can see the footprint of the company's hard work.


The service is committed to providing a variety of transportation routes and flexible payment methods to meet the needs and preferences of different customers. We not only cover traditional logistics modes of transport, but also actively explore innovative distribution solutions to ensure that goods reach customers safely and efficiently. At the same time, in terms of payment methods, we also strive to be comprehensive and convenient, supporting a variety of common and emerging payment channels, so that customers can make the purchase process easier and smoother.

TUXING Company

If you have a strong interest in our company's products, we sincerely invite you to take the initiative to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with detailed product consultation and answer services.

TUXING Company

01.Can our LOGO be placed on the machine?
Yes, we supply OEM service and customized design, DIY your cartonand put your logo or Pattern on the compressor. We'll provide 100% qualified products to support your brand. But it have MOQ.

02.What is the minimum order?
The MOQ as 1 piece.

03.How long will the delivery time take?Does the oroduct have a quality quarantee?
Generally speaking, we can ship within 3-7 days, and it takes 10-15 days for the quantity larger than 50. Yes, We offer a one-year warranty on the main motor, if there is any problem with the product, please contact us in time!

04.What payment methods your company accept?
We accept most ofthe payment methods, but mainly accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, and Bank wire transfer payment. Also Wechat QR code or Alipay payment etc.

























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pcp air compressor 12V 4500psi
TUXING TXET063 4500Psi 300Bar LCD Display PCP Air Compressor

TXET063 is a multi-function integrated digital display, easy to use and operate, more intelligent, the compressor will display the working pressure, preset pressure, temperature, current.

300bar 220v pcp electric air compressor
TUXING TXES031 Single Cylinder 4500Psi 300Bar PCP Air Compressor

This model is a general version. It uses a pressure gauge with accurate readings, you need to shut down manually.  

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TUXING TXED012 Auto-Stop Double Cylinder 4500Psi 300Bar PCP Compressor

TXED012 is Two Stage Cylinder Compressor,working pressure 300bar/4500psi/30mpa,High pressure air pump inflating speed: 2800r/min.

pcp air compressor 12v 4500psi
TUXING TXES061 4500Psi 300Bar 12V Portable PCP Air Compressor

TXES061 is a portable compressor,working pressure 300bar/4500psi/30mpa,air volume: 12L/min,working voltage: 12v/110v/220v.

electric compressor
TUXING TXES062 12V High Pressure 4500Psi 300Bar PCP Air Compressor

【Unique Vertical Wire Spool Portable Design With the wire spool, you don't need to worry about the wire winding, and it also looks great. This designed to easily move wire reels where you need them the most. TXES062 air compressor can be powered by 220V/110V AC at home or 12V car battery in the field (current above 40A). It is very convenient to fill your PCP air gun or paintball tank anywhere.

high pressure compressor pcp
TUXING TXEDM041 Double Cylinder 4500Psi 300Bar Pcp Air Compressor

TXEDM041 is two stage cylinder compressor heads,Fast filling speed,Suitable for filling large capacity tank.

4500psi 300bar 220v pcp compressor
TUXING TXET062 High Presssure 12V 4500Psi 300Bar PCP Compressor

TXET062 is directly suitable for PCP air rifles/pistols and pacifiers for paintball cans. It is very convenient to fill your PCP air gun or paintball cans anywhere. No oil, clean and sanitary, no need for external water pump cooling, easy to operate.

Pcp 2 Cylinder Air Compressor 300bar
TUXING High Pressure 4500psi 300bar Scuba Diving Compressor

【Specification】Air compressor power :110V/60HZ; Working pressure: 310BAR/ 30MPA/ 4500PSI,High pressure air pump inflating speed: 2800r/min.

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leave a message
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